Graduate Research

  • Advanced Multiphoton Microscopy In Vivo

    Advanced Multiphoton Microscopy In Vivo

    We aim to improve the imaging speed, resolution, penetration depth, and functionality of fluorescence microscopes using a variety of novel engineering techniques. These advanced techniques include, but are not limited to, multiphoton microscopy (MPM), fluorescence lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM), super-resolution microscopy, adaptive optics, and deep learning methods. We design and build novel microscopes and collaborate with biologists to work on important problems in life sciences.

  • Low-cost, microbolometer based, mid-Infrared imaging

    Low-cost, microbolometer based, mid-Infrared explosives detection and imaging

    Mid-infrared radiation is used to detect and image trace amounts of explosives on varying substrates. e.g. car doors, travel bags, and cloth.

  • Phase Based Diffuse Optical Imaging

    Phase Based Diffuse Optical Imaging

    Diffuse optical imaging is a noninvasive imaging technique that can be used to used to measure chromophore concentration in tissues, such as haemoglobin, water and lipids.