Undergraduate Research

  • Cell Phone Surgical Microendoscope

    Cell Phone Surgical Microendoscope

    Use the camera power of a common mobile device to develop an endoscope for use in root canal surgery in the developing world.

  • Low cost ND PCR

    Low Cost DNA Amplification and Detection

    The ND PCR is a low-cost, field-portable PCR that allows for DNA amplification outside of a traditional lab environment.

  • New Technologies For //In Vivo// Imaging

    The Magnification Imaging Project’s

    Current goal is to create an apparatus that can be placed in a full body 3D scanning machine that is now currently used mostly to image small animals. The apparatus will provide the machine with about five times magnification and will make it so that the machine can effectively image much smaller objects than it is currently capable.

    Ruthenium-Poloxamer Nanoprobe Characterization

    Current aim is to characterize Rudpp nanomicelle's reaction to dissolved oxygen and understanding how the Rudpp probe works in in vivo two-photon imaging to provide images with excellent detail and contrast.